Last work day in Toronto…..the in store tasting.

11.24pm, Friday 17th February, Royal York Hotel, West Front Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

It’s cold out there tonight folks, and we’ve just come in from dinner at La societe – top French style bistro in the city centre that has our Scribbler Cabernet Shiraz on their wine list – thanks a huge amount. We only arrived there after 8pm, straight from the Summerhill LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) store – that’s the big one in town that’s impressively located in the old railway station. What were we doing there? An in store tasting for consumers from 4 – 8 pm – with the 2010 Y Riesling and 2009 Y Shiraz Viognier. We talked to a lot of folks, both wines went well, and there is nothing at all that can replace that one to one tasting where folks get to ask those wine questions they’ve always wanted to ask.

Here’s Conrad (from B & W Wines, our new Ontario distributor) – who set the whole thing up, and Howard – the ‘W’ in B & W Wines. Thanks for a top evening in the Summerhill store Boys.


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