Our high performance Ferrari

Please pardon this interruption, but we are intruding on Jane’s blog to make a special announcement:

Wine Communicators of Australia announced its award winners for 2012 today, with our very own Jane Ferrari taking out the top gong – Wine Communicator of the Year!

“I strongly endorse the choice of Jane as Wine Communicator of the Year.  I have the clearest memory of her running a session at the marketing conference in Adelaide many years ago, and how impressed I was at that time.  I have remained aware of the incredible success she has had since then,” said WCA patron James Halliday.

Congratulations Jane! We hope you can find the time – and the cupcakes – to celebrate amidst your hectic schedule overseas.

5 responses to “Our high performance Ferrari

  1. Good on ya, Jane! Yup. Serious cupcakes in order.

  2. well won and well deserved …go Jane!

  3. Well done Jane!
    Love from all at Camber Wines and abarbistro x

  4. And quite right too Many Many Congratulations to Jane…. I had the privilege of meeting the Wonderful, Enthusiastic, Knowledgeable,kind, most amazing storytelling lady last year at the Cinamon Club in London…….. I am hoping that she will return to London quite soon – In order for me to meet her and listen to her tales and sample the GREAT wines again.
    Well done Jane ;o) Mari Gagg

  5. Congratulations Jane! Celebrate the honor!

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