Pop up bagel breakfast in Toronto

9.12am, Monday 13th February, West Front Street, Toronto downtown, Ontario, Canada

27 degrees F = – 1 degree C but clear

I ducked out early this morning to get a packing box to send the Sarah Palin twin set suit and the Italian stripy heels ( yes, you did read correctly – I have heels!) home, as we don’t have any more black tie events this trip, and I still have six weeks traveling – and the less gear you have to carry, the better.

On my way back to the hotel, I was lucky enough to have the Dempster Pop Up Bakery just around the corner. Apparently they’ve been around since 1890, and they’re releasing a new product – their version of the American bagel. So you could choose any one of three styles for free – they toast it and you get to top it with your choice of spread. I went with The Raisin Cinnamon bagel and put peanut butter on it. Now I’m not usually one for bagels – they’re generally a bit chewy and land in your stomach like a lump of doughy lead. This is not like that at all! The Dempster Bakery folks have managed to make their bagel a lot lighter and fluffier – more like toast with a glaze, lots of raisins, and not too much cinnamon. With the peanut butter (‘paste’ at home) on top – the breakfast choice of Elvis-inspired champions!



The gals at the pop up bakery said that they’ll be at the same corner – one block up Bay Street from West Front Street – for the next two mornings, so make sure you drop by if you’re in the area. There’s also plain and wholegrain options if you’re not a sweet tooth like me.

This is what to look out for:


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