Welcome to Toronto ladies and gentlemen…..it’s minus 7 degrees!

4.07pm, Sunday 12th Feb, Front Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Afternoon folks, we made it to Toronto in one piece – with trusty ‘big blue’ the super hard shell suitcase that just keeps on keeping on! Here he is on the trolley with my new acquisition – an original USA made aquamarine blue ‘American Tourister’ – steel framed suitcase with chrome and ball bearing twist locks! A classic! And I found it in a thrift store in New Jersey. There was a name on the suitcase – E.H.Knowlton, who turns out to be a native of New Jersey and quite the recognized historical writer. She was born in 1905, travelled and wrote historical accounts of businesses – ‘Pepperell’s progress : History of a cotton textile company’ and ‘The history of the Standard Oil Company in New Jersey’. And now her ‘Tourister’ is in realty safe hands, and will keep traveling.


And at this point, here’s a big THANK YOU to Roberta – who was running the Air Canada check in desk at La Guardia early this morning – who helped me measure up the Tourister and make sure it was OK to take it as carry on luggage. Great service from a really nice gal – thanks again!

And here we are folks, my ride up from New York parked safely, with the snow plough keeping the runway clear. Welcome to Toronto!!


4 responses to “Welcome to Toronto ladies and gentlemen…..it’s minus 7 degrees!

  1. Thanks Jane. Gorgeous story! you reminded me, I have a similar sweet little suitcase, orange ‘leatherette’, white satin lined, with pockets for cosmetics etc, bought in a thrift store in Vancouver. Always thought it an awkward size, too small to be useful for booked in luggage, no wheels. I must measure it and see if it works as ‘carry on’! Love the matching gaffa tape on the sturdy blue case.

  2. Great story Jane! We do love our thrift stores but this one is a treasure. Hope you can pick up a copy of some of her books to bring home. Safe travels. Jan

  3. Thanks gals, this was a real find, and I’m going to keep track of how many miles the Tourister does now that I’m looking after it. Poor old Big Blue is more tape than suitcase these days, and the lock split both sides on the flight from Los Angeles to Baltimore, so I suspect he may have to retire somewhere on this trip. I just don’t want to let him go because he’s been such a sturdy traveller, never got lost, never complained about late night or early morning flights, didnt mind being knocked about a bit – where am I going to find another one like that!

  4. No, don’t let Big Blue go, but maybe send him home alone and when you get back you can find a spot for him in the sports bar or somewhere else in the house – I’m sure he could double as a table or display cabinet or something….

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