Look who bobbed up in Manhattan today!

9.33pm, Thursday 9th February, 39th street between 8th & 9th, midtown, Manhattan, NYC

Evening, folks, just finished a long day out there showing our wines on the streets of Manhattan with our man Ryan from Winebow (that’s our New York state distributor), and seeing as I have the big educational two-hour presentation tomorrow morning first thing, I’m going straight to bed! Yep, in Manhattan, before midnight, and I’m pulling the pin! I want to do a really nice write up of our day today in the Manhattan trade, as well as yesterday with John “The Knowledge” Proto – another one of our Winebow men. John took me to my first Manhattan ‘speakeasy’ – complete with secret password and false door panel – last night, which is a whole another story on its own.

So details of the past two days later – tomorrow, I hope – and I’ll leave you with “the Las Vegas ’70s years” Elvis … who bobbed up in our travels today.

See ya when it’s Friday and we’re headed back to Brooklyn.


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