Another excellent New York Experience – Billy’s Bakery – Chelsea

11.55am, Wednesday 8th February, Winebow offices, 26th Street between 7th & 8th, Chelsea, NYC

Didn’t want you to miss out on what I think is the home of THE best cupcake in the USA. No correspondence will be entered into. It’s on 9th Avenue folks, and it’s called Billy’s Bakery.


It’s very cold on the streets today, cheek stinging, eye watering, and drip forming on the end of your nose cold! But step inside Billy’s and it’s like getting wrapped up in a warm, sweet icing sugar powdered hug! I kid you not! Off with 3 of my five layers of clothing, then decisions decisions! I’ve usually gone with the Red Velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese icing, but today seeing as I’m being healthy, I’m choosing the Banana Cake – made with real bananas – and cream cheese icing. And I’m sitting in their window and taking my time to enjoy every fluffy sponge cake melt in your mouth moment! You know youre in the right place when you peel off the paper and the cupcake nearly topples over under the weight of the icing! This is what cupcakes are meant to be!

And this is how you ice a cupcake properly kids!


One response to “Another excellent New York Experience – Billy’s Bakery – Chelsea

  1. PHENOMENAL bakery! I’m a huge fan! Glad you discovered it!

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