The Giants ‘G Men’ get a New York style parade

10.33am, Tuesday 7th February, 26th Street and 7th Avenue, Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC

Morning, folks. I’m down in Chelsea catching up with our new distributor for New York state – Winebow – and I just had my first coffee of the day here on ‘Fashion Avenue’ (7th) at Dunkin Donuts, sat at the window and watched the wave of red, white, and blue clad Giants fans as they head downtown for the big Super Bowl victory parade. The parade route that comes up Broadway from Battery Park is called ‘The Canyon of Heroes’ because of the high-rise business and residential buildings either side – and it’s been made famous over the last 10 years because each time the New York Yankees have won the World Series baseball, they’ve had massive parades through the Canyon. And now the Giants are getting in on the act. The weather has turned on a fabulous unseasonal day – 10 degrees Celsius, clear, and just breezy enough to swirl all the shredded paper and confetti around properly as it gets dropped by the bagful from the building windows along the Canyon. And if the hundreds of fans that I’ve seen walk past in the past half hour are any indication – they may very well get the million people at the parade that’s predicted. Big day for New York, the Giants, the fans, every food and sports souveneir business in town … and then exactly the same across the Hudson River in New Jersey where the stadium is, when they have the big fan rally this afternoon.

Me – I’ll be across the bridge in Brooklyn doing trade calls – starting with the young New Zealand chef at Kiwiana.


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