Lagniappe – Cajun for “a little something extra” in Manhattan today!

6.51pm, Monday 6th February, 39th & 9th Ave, Hells Kitchen, Manhattan, NYC

I saw ‘a little something extra’ today in Manhattan folks – down at the Chelsea Market – at the Louisiana bayou they’ve built to promote the alligator fisher folk TV show “Swamp People”.

I went in to have a look at the gators seeing as I was down there anyway to check out the Chelsea Wine Vault, and they had just started serving lunch: crawfish étouffée. That would be yabbie casserole if we were home in the Barossa.

The Louisiana tourism board is involved as well, so there’s Cajun music and demonstrations featuring old school bayou craftsmen – well worth stopping by actually. And I had a chat to these two lovely blokes with southern accents – they turn out to be Trapper Joe Lafont and Tommy Chauvin – two of the gator fishermen on the show. Joe was telling me that the job is really seasonal, and some years were really lean times, but after spending 40 years in the game – he’s glad that he stuck it out because the show has really made life a bit easier. Good luck to them – they deserve good things being nice blokes who have done the hard yards. I’ve only seen one episode of the show, when I arrived in the US a few weeks ago, so I’ll have to make sure I watch it ongoing.

And the crawfish étouffée was magic! I have the recipe, and when I get home I’m going to track down some yabbies and cook up a batch. With the way our Y Vermentino is traveling right now, that’s a combination that just might impress the folks at home!

See ya tomorrow when we’re heading to Brooklyn.

Here’s Trapper Joe


And a junior gator


One response to “Lagniappe – Cajun for “a little something extra” in Manhattan today!

  1. So great to meet you today, Jane! Was lovely chatting for a bit! Stay in touch!

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