Found the Tuck Shop in Manhattan!

12.13pm, Monday 6th February, Chelsea Market, 15th Street & 9th Avenue, Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC, USA

I was downtown to see the folks at The Chelsea Wine Vault, and I saw a sign for the “Tuck Shop”. For those of you who didn’t go to primary or high school in Australia, this was the best part of the school day. At morning break and lunch time, the Tuck Shop – or canteen – would open and you could buy mostly homemade treats. At least way back in the stone age, when I was a little kid, it was homemade food, and the mums would volunteer and mind the shop. That’s where my love affair with lamingtons started.

I can see you scratching your head if you’re not from Australia or New Zealand. Lamingtons are baseball-sized cubes of fluffy vanilla sponge cake, rolled in chocolate sauce and raspberry jam, then rolled again in coconut! And sometimes they’re cut in half like a layer cake and have jam and cream in the middle.

Well, the Tuck Shop at Chelsea Market has them! And meat pies! And sausage rolls! I had a pork, veal and sage sausage roll with tomato sauce for my lunch, and I had a chat with the lass from Queensland who is running the shop whilst she’s studying acting.

You follow these to find the Tuck Shop …

Now it’s off to the special display that’s set up in the Chelsea Market warehouse where a complete swamp has been set up from the Louisiana bayous to promote the Swamp People TV show about alligator hunters – complete with live snappin’ wildlife! Apparently they have Cajun food and music on this afternoon, plus one of the families from the show is coming in to talk about swamp life. You get it all in New York people … it’s never a dull moment.


One response to “Found the Tuck Shop in Manhattan!

  1. Love the oven mitt, but what’s with the hummingbird on it? We don’t have any hummingbirds in Australia.

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