New York….Giants fans are dancing in the streets!

10.59pm, Sunday 5th February, 9thAvenue, Manhattan, New York City

It’s full time in the Superbowl, and you’d have to be from another planet in this town not to know that the New York “G Men” Giants just beat the New England Patriots 21-17. I went down the street (on 9th Avenue that would be) earlier to do my laundry and waited over the road in the tiny counter only, no tables ‘Holland Bar’ est 1927. I watched the start of the game, dashed back to the laundromat to throw everything in the dryer, then stayed on to watch the rest with the owner Gary and the bunch of regulars who were more than happy to teach me the finer points of the game. I guess we were lucky, as Gary is a big New York Jets – “the other team in town” – fan, and threatened to change channels many times!

So now there’s helicopters loitering above Times Square, and I went up for a walk to see what’s happening, and the place is going nuts. The police horses were just arriving, there’s barricades closing Times Square off, and it’s turning into a giant – literally – open air party. A pretty chilly party, mind you, but no one seems to be concerned about that. There’s nothing but car horns, cars cruising 42nd street have the stereos pumping at top volume providing the music for the street party, and it’s really something to see! So there you go Patrick ( our accountant backat the winery who is a crazy Green BayPackers man….and owner of one share in the team! ) I knew you’d want to know the details seeing as you were actually there last year.

See what you think:





Oh, and the guy that made the first touchdown for the Giants – Victor Cruz – has become a star with his salsa celebration dance. You can buy the t shirt with the dance steps, I’d never seen it, but now I have. This huge athletic trim, taut and terrific looking bloke with this hippy hippy shake hustle dance……in those cling on gridiron shorts……girls take my advice and check it out on you tube or something, but make sure you see it – memorable!!!

I’m sure that there will be sights to see around town tomorrow, plus I have still got a few things from our New Jersey adventures to share, so I’ll get those up on the blog as well.

See ya from “Big Blue” central for now

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