It’s a “Big Blue” Super Bowl Sunday in New York

12.53pm, Sunday 6th February, Midtown, Manhattan, New York

New York is a massively football crazy town, and the whole place is decked out in red, white and blue this weekend – the colours of their NFL team the Giants. They play this evening – kickoff is at 6pm – in the final game of this season, the Super Bowl. And the streets are full of banners and Giants balloons. Every venue that has a licence is having some sort of Super Bowl party, and the liquor stores have just about got empty shelves! This town will be primed at 6 pm – let’s hope the Giants get up, and the town will go off like a giant red, white and blue firecracker!


Me, I’ll be in my local neighborhood – Hell’s Kitchen – on 9th Avenue somewhere, watching the game with the locals, fingers crossed that the Patriots – who knocked my Baltimore Ravens out of contention – don’t get up against the Giants. I’d love to be here to see them dancing in the Manhattan streets!

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