Beckham’s shorts … above Manhattan!

Saturday 4th February, very late, Midtown, Manhattan, NYC

As I’ve been a commuter this past week, wearing a groove in 8th Avenue between my hotel on 39th and Penn Station on 33rd, it’s been fascinating to watch a massive billboard that’s been slowly taking form … painting David Beckham by numbers! It’s all part of a new underwear line, and it looks as hough they’ve just got the actual shorts to go! There’s been a team of painters working on hanging platforms like spidermen, and with the cold wind whistling through the buildings the last few days – I hope they’re being paid frostbite rates!

Here’s the billboard last Wednesday :


And here’s where they’re up to as of yesterday afternoon :


I promise to get the finished article and post it tomorrow. I’m doing what I can to keep you up to date as New York counts down to Fashion Week starting Feb 12th.

And here, as promised is the progress to Sunday morning – they’re still working on the tattoos on his right arm, but that’s about it.


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