Levin & Ferrari on the Jersey Shore!

10.35pm, Thursday 2nd February, 39th Street, Midtown, Manhattan, New York City

Evening, folks. I’m starting to feel like a proper New York commuter, in and out of Penn Station with New Jersey transit three days in a row, and happy to report I was at the right place at the right time each time! Which is a lot to do with the folks at our distributor – Fedway – giving me all the right information. Down to the specific train numbers. Working with consummate professionals makes a difference!

And today was a goodie! New Jersey is a seriously interesting state – and today we saw some of the great old school Jersey Shore towns – and their tremendous old school independent wine stores. We even did a trade call in the town where Bruce Springsteen grew up! Great folks, great neighborhoods, and a genuine interest in our wines – given that everyone told us that the whole Australian wine category had gone off the boil in their region. Which means folks – that we’re overdue for a comeback, and I don’t mind being part of the start of that at all! We gave it a good shake today, and I was working with my Dunkin Donuts loving partner in wine, Rich Levin, today. If you’re interested in film, theatre and sports – today would have been a good day to be in the car with us! Here’s a lovely old neon sign for our friends in Redbank –


And our afternoon tea stop in Neptune


Now it’s six hours sleep with any luck and an early start tomorrow morning where I learn a new train – the PATH – and head out for Hoboken, and my ride out to Somerville to the big sales team presentation and meeting day with our distributor. Wish us luck!

One response to “Levin & Ferrari on the Jersey Shore!

  1. Hey Jane – I’ve been to Bruce’s parents house… gotta love Redbank NJ.

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