New Jersey – Central

10.54pm, Wednesday 1st Feb, 39th Street, Manhattan, New York

It’s been a very, very big day folks, chasing a very big day yesterday and our first-ever wine dinner in New Jersey last night – and I have to be on a train early tomorrow morning out to the Jersey Shore, so I’m just checking in to let you know all is going very well in the right direction.

It was a rainy early morning today in Manhattan, the first sign of winter really for a week. It was 64 degrees F and clear for the rest of the day, and this time last year they were shoveling snow to clear footpaths! So I’m loving the fact that it’s so easy to get around at the moment.

Here’s the start of my day, and the front window of Ramsey Liquors – everything is building up to Sunday’s Super Bowl, and the Giants seem to be most folks’ local team, so the sales of wine, beer and spirits are already going through the roof.



So I’ll catch up the dinner and some interesting New Jersey moments, especially one for the Sopranos TV show fans – when I get a chance.

See ya when it’s the Jersey Shore

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