New York Tourist!

7.59am, Monday 31st January, Midtown, Manhattan, NY, NY, USA

What a midwinter’s day in Manhattan yesterday. Cold, chill your bones with blow-you-over wind type of cold, but clear. Clear enough to see the whole city from the top of the Empire State Building, somewhere that after coming to New York since 2001 – I’ve never been. So as I wandered down to Chinatown yesterday I found myself right there and went on up! Apparently there’s often a couple of hours wait for the lifts, but yesterday morning it was just me and a few diehard European tourists out in the cheek-chilling cold, so we went straight up … to the 80th floor, changed lifts and went up again. What a view. I had a whole Cary Grant “An Affair to Remember” moment having seen that as a kid – I think that was my first Empire State memory. Well, now I’ve got pictures as well.

The view looking down to Wall Street and Battery Park – that dot to the right offshore is the Statue of Liberty.


This is my favourite building in Manhattan – the Chrysler. Close second would be the Flatiron, which is further Downtown.


When I say cold – I mean it. This is your friendly security guard who makes sure no one throws anything off the building.


And here she is ….. Going all the way up – all 1250 feet or 381 metres!


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