Made it to Manhattan!

5.22pm, Saturday 28th January, 51st & Broadway, Midtown, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

Here’s proof folks, I drove all the way into Manhattan, dropped the wine at the hotel on 39th – my home for the next 14 nights – and then navigated my way up to 55th and returned the rental car gratefully to Hertz. Thanks yet again for a magic vehicle – I felt like a rock star in the black glossy tinted windows Chevy Equinox!


Now, I don’t want it to sound like it was easy – even with a GPS unit! I put 39th Street not West 39th Street into the machine, so it took me to Brooklyn! All of a sudden it’s telling me to exit, and I have a choice of getting into Manhattan which is still miles away via the Triboro Bridge or the Battery Tunnel. And we’re at speed, and you can’t hesitate so I chose the Battery Tunnel because fewer cars were going that way. Good thing everyone else weaved around me – I just gripped the wheel and held my course! Then not having had a huge amount of time Downtown, I eventually found the West Side Highway and worked my way up to Midtown, then it was just a matter of working out the one way street and avenue maze to get to the hotel on 39th Street in between 8th & 9th Avenues. All that time previously on the up and downtown plus the crosstown buses really paid dividends today! Then to my horror it turns out that the hotel is on a feeder street to the Lincoln Tunnel – main joining artery between Midtown and New Jersey. You try reverse parking on the wrong side of the road when the traffic won’t stop for you! But it’s done now and I’m a bit proud of myself actually.

Then when I started walking back from the Hertz office down to the hotel, what do I literally run into right next to the Ed Sullivan Theatre – where they do the David Letterman Late Show? Yep – Pie Face – the new Australian pie shop that is having its opening next week, which is why I drove the wine in! Fate steps in, so I had to try one of the mini savoury mince and tomato pies for all of $2.95. Not bad at all – there was a line out the door, and a big dent in the pie racks – so everyone else likes them as well!



So I think I’ll just wander down through the Theatre District to the big subway station in Times Square and buy my Metpass – $27 gives you all the trains, buses and ferries in all 5 boroughs of New York – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and The Bronx – for a complete 7 day week, 24 hours a day. That’s the keys to the city for not a lot of money at all. Then back to the hotel to unpack and set myself up, and plan what to do with the whole day off tomorrow. So far no snow flurries, so if it’s another day like today, anything’s possible. Maybe a ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty, or walk the Brooklyn Bridge! How cool to have those things on your list of possibilities! In Angaston on a Sunday it’s basically whether we’re going to have coffee at Blonde or go down to Nosh in Tanunda! Don’t worry – I’ll find something interesting to do believe me.

See ya from the bright lights, big city!!

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