Who is Joe Flacco?

8.09am, Monday 23rd January, South President Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

There’s a freezing rain warning here this morning, folks, which means nasty icy conditions out there on the roads, which is where we’ll be today – in Baltimore Downtown, in Elkton (Maryland), and in Wilmington (Delaware). Lucky Danielle and I are traveling in the safe and sturdy soccer mom family van today!

But before I get to that, let’s just have a look at how the big game finished yesterday. The Baltimore Ravens had the game. With less than 1 minute on the time clock left in the last quarter, Ravens are 3 points down, and the ball went sailing into the end zone for a touchdown, the receiver caught it … and then dropped it … or it was more or less knocked out of his hand. And that was the difference between the Ravens going to the Super Bowl – which would mean two weeks of high times and build up in the bars and restaurants of Baltimore, which is good for everyone – and packing the football boots up and putting them away. Patriots win 23 – 20. I’m no expert, but the Ravens clearly outplayed the New England Patriots, and their pinup boy quarterback Tom Brady. Which brings me to the Ravens quarterback, and that would be sleepy-eyed Joe Flacco – who has really copped some criticism from “the experts” over the short time I’ve been here. Well, he let his game do the talking yesterday and did a great job. We were already solid supporters – the other night coming back to Baltimore from the tasting at Paul’s in Washington DC, we stopped off at Dunkin Donuts for coffee. They had this special doughnut made for the game – Joe The Quarterback. This is it … a doughnut filled with vanilla creme, topped with chocolate icing and purple sprinkles. Yum.

So to all our folks in Baltimore – the sales team, office, warehouse and delivery people at our distributor Bacchus, to the crew at The Bartenders bar, to the retailers and restaurants that have our wines on the shelves … we’re with you today! But be brave – your Ravens did you proud, and Ray Lewis said last night that he’s definitely going to be back for next season … and so will we!! I may just go out and get a Joe Flacco jersey today, as after watching the game with the Ravens crazies yesterday – looks like I’ve got a team. Or a Tori Smith (82) jersey or a Ray Rice (27) jersey. Then I’ll have to organize to be here for a game at the end of the year and start the new season in style. Go Ravens!

See ya when we’re back from tonight’s wine dinner in Delaware.


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