It’s all purple in Baltimore today!!

4.34pm, Sunday 22nd January, The Bartenders, Canton, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The streets are empty right now in Baltimore today folks, because it’s half time in the big NFL game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots – that they’re playing up near Boston. That’s why all the good citizens of Baltimore have their jerseys on and have packed into the bars and lounge rooms to watch the game…….and the score is now 13 – 10 the Patriots way. Which is not a bad result because the Ravens are huge underdogs and staying in touch. I’ve been adopted by the local sports fans as a Ravens gal, so it looks like I now have an American football team.

This is the sports bar you want to be in to watch the game…..The Bartenders….in the Canton neighborhood. Andrew’s behind the bar and Chris is the master pizza and Chilli maker in the kitchen. OK. Have to go, second half is underway. Winner today meets the winner between San Fancisco 49ers and the New York Giants at the Superbowl. Fingers crossed for a miracle to happen and the Ravens to win.


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