Snow’s on the way in Ravenstown

12.17pm, Friday 20th January, South President Street, Inner Harbour, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

It is cold here folks – 36 F = 2 C – yep that’s cold, especially when I’ve come straight from 39 C in the Barossa, then 32 C and 99% humidity in Malaysia……to a wall of chill here in Raventown. It’s clear out there, but I have no doubt there’s snow on the way because we’re already breathing ice in the air. The town has gone completely football nuts for the big playoff game on Sunday, and theyre calling it Purple Friday today with a big fan rally in the city, but we will be on the way to do 2 events down in Washington DC when that’s all going on.


Here’s the Ravens jersey for their running back Ray Rice, so you can see why it’s all purple around town at the moment. I didn’t realize either that the football team was named after the famous poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe, who was here in Baltimore back in the dim dark ages. In fact, it was his birthday celebration yesterday, and I got the whole story from a chat with one of the locals this morning.


And here’s today’s budget lunch suggestion – the $2.50 Turkish Taco – from one of the local lunch trucks. There’s a fleet of various lunch trucks in every American city I’ve worked in, and the food is usually pretty jolly good, and costs not a lot at all.





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