Barossa Farmers Market Morning

8.14am, Saturday 7th January 2012, in the old Vintners Barrel Shed, Barossa Farmers Market, Corner of Stockwell Road and Murray Street, just outside Angaston, Barossa Valley, South Australia

Morning folks – it’s a wild and windy start after a bit of a warm night, and it looks like we might get a bit of rain later, so I thought it would be a good idea to get down to the Farmers Market early. It’s been a fantastic season for Barossa stone fruit so far, and we’re all eating our body weight in seriously sweet apricots at the moment – the juice running down your arm sort of thing – and the trees still look to be groaning under still more fruit. Good times! And now the peaches and plums are coming in as well. So this morning’s blog is bought to you by the Waechter family’s fruit trees. Mark and Marie Waechter are also wine grape growers for Yalumba by the way. They took over from Mark’s dad Eddie – who you’ll find on the back label of the legendary 1992 vintage of The Signature Cabernet Shiraz – and their grapes from the red clay Angaston foothills have been going into both The Signature plus The Octavius Shiraz forever. But back to the peach trees!

This morning, Marie had three varieties ripe – the freestone Hale, clingstone White, and the new super sweet variety “Donut”. Here they are in order.




So this is what the start to my day looked like – on the bonnet of “Big White” – the ute. Local beetroot – some roasted beet salads this week, Garnet Lowkes fresh carrot juice from Nuriootpa, mulberries picked yesterday evening on Krondorf Road, and yet another bag of Trevallie apricots from Eden Valley Road. Its all a bit healthy really, but I will definitely make up for it down the track with a couple of visits to Voodoo Donuts when we’re working in Portland, Oregon, USA – which won’t be far away.

Talking about that, Tony put the outline of the next Yalumba visits the USA trip into the ‘dates’ section of the blog, and will dress it all up as the details come in. We just picked up a wine dinner at the Chakra restaurant in Paramus – New Jersey – this morning on January 31st, so as that happens, it will get plugged into the itinerary. I head off on Tuesday 17th January via Kuala Lumpur, so it’s going to be a satay city first stop then on to crabcake town Baltimore. Put on those sweet belts folks, we’re going to be in for a bit of a foodie ride this trip. I promise more photos this time! With people in them!

See ya when it’s Monday and I’ll show you that new Tempranillo vineyard we’ve put in.


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