It’s Christmas eve – and here’s a present for the girls!

8.23pm, Saturday 24th December, Murray Street, Tanunda, Barossa Valley, SA

Evening folks, and it’s still warm out there after 38 degrees today – typical Christmas time weather here in South Australia. We’re having a very low key time – playing team scrabble and ploughing through a plate of honey crackles with some festive cocktails. (PS just in case you’re not familiar with honey crackles – here’s a picture. Think cornflakes, butter and honey)


Now, tonight’s blog is for all the girls – I promised you something special, and here it is. Firstly let me introduce a couple of our winemakers to you – I took this photo only Thursday at the winery breakup lunch, so it’s nice and current. On the left is Kevin Glastonbury, on the right is Sam Wigan. Lovely charming blokes, excellent winemakers, and not bad looking at all.


Sam is also a bit of a star local sportsman, and plays for the Nuriootpa Tigers (Australian Rules) football team.They have made their own player calendar for 2012 as a fundraiser, and the ink’s not even dry yet, but I was able to get a copy early so you gals could have a bit of an early Christmas treat! Here you go – Sam’s photo from the Nuriootpa Tigers calendar!!


There you go, happy Festive Season girls……..hope Santa is good to you all, and I’ll see you when it’s Boxing Day.

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