Christmas cooking at Yalumba lunchtime yesterday

8.06am, Friday 23rd December, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Eden Valley, South Australia

Morning folks, and it’s going to be a hot day here in the Barossa – the sun’s already got some sting in it, so I ‘m glad I’ll be hiding out in the aircon today. On my way to work this morning, the lads were filling up the eskys (Australian for igloo chiller in the USA or chilly bin in New Zealand, cold box I guess in the UK) with ice and heading for the river with the dinghy and fishing rods. On a day like today, I’d want to be coming in right now from three hours with the hooks in the water, and be tieing the boat to one of those big gum trees below the Swan Reach pub. Then it would be up to the pub for breakfast and possibly back into the water at about 6…… that is!

Any rate, we had our official end of year break up lunch yesterday at the winery, and it was ‘food from around the world’ on the menu, with all the directors and PAs cooking. I got to several of the mini kitchens, and it was action stations everywhere:


Brenton Fry – the man in charge of everything export and offshore – knocking out the American favorites hot dogs and Chilli


Johnny Auld serving up the same


Andrew Murphy – man in charge of everything up to and including the cork going into the bottle – churning out the lamb and garlic sausages to go into the Greek style kofta pita breads


Brian Walsh – the man at the Yalumba helm at the moment with RHS still on sabbatical – and Heath Solomon with a BBQ plate stacked with Asian chicken satays. Heath is a busy gal these days, as she looks after both the Marketing men – Johhny Auld and new guy Matt Taylor

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