My first security body search! Heathrow!

7.10pm, Sunday 20th November, Gate 6 , Heathrow Terminal 4, London, England

OK kids, I need to share this one with you. I’ve set off the airport security scanners everywhere since having the new knee fitted in February this year, but this is the first time I’ve had to be taken away for the body search. Yep … not much fun, as you don’t actually get to choose who you go in there with! You just have to get on with it, and make the best of a really ordinary situation. Just for the record, if I was getting my gear off this trip, the private room at security – Heathrow terminal 4 – would not have been where I chose to do it! But I lived, and have had yet another unique travel experience that a lot of folks don’t get to do.

Oh yes … and the Apple store today – what a top time I had there! I’m going to have to go visit the one in Sydney week after next when I’m working up there. I had no idea they had such neat gizmos to play with. Mind you, I thought I might have activated some sort of “watch out this person hasn’t got much of a clue about computers” alarm going into the store – they all looked like they knew exactly what they were after. Me – I asked all the basic “what does this thing do” questions, and I think the sales guy actually enjoyed the novelty and gave me a heap of his time. Yeah, I need to hang out in Apple stores more.

Any rate, I’m here, I’m in one piece and ready to start the run home. See ya when its KL.

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