Today … the Gulf of Poets … Liguria … Italy

4.42pm, Tuesday 15th November, Via Del Tino, La Spezia, Liguria, Italia

So folks, we live with an undamaged car for another day! Some of the driving manouvres today I reckon I did with my eyes closed, but so far so great. We hugged the coastline around the “Gulf of Poets” that runs in a really interesting rugged horseshoe shape from Portovenere on the northern side, across the port of La Spezia, and around to the southern “tip” of Tellaro. After tracking around the super skinny roads and bayside hollows of this string of hugging the coast villages – I can see why it was so inspirational for that romantic school of English poets like Byron and Shelley. I just got this orange beam of sunset belting into the side of the old church perched precariously on the point at Tellaro – and it was well worth the trek! There’s a great old yarn my father told me once about a giant octopus and the bell at the top of the church tower – remind me to tell you one day.

Until then, I’ve sent some pictures through to Tony at the winery, and with any luck he will be able to put them up.

See ya when it’s Wednesday and we are off to the local market.

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