Can you believe this weather!

7.29am, Via Del Tino, La Spezia, Liguria, Italia

Three days in a row folks – clear as a bell and about 15 degrees C. That’s about as mild a winter as you can get in this part of Italy. Mind you, they had torrential rains two weeks ago, and the local Magra River broke its banks with a metre of water running through a stack of houses. Most of the backyard gardens are still covered in mud and rubbish, but at least this “warm” spell is giving things a chance to dry out. For me – great stuff as I don’t have the added jeopardy of rain and greasy roads to deal with. Just the way the locals get around scares me, but you just have to slide into this “duck and weave” driving thing or you just get into serious trouble very quickly. Good thing I’m a quick learner!

And I should mention the coffee here. It is seriously good, and you can feel it as it lands! I’m talking about the tiny cups of proper espresso now with that lovely mini head of golden crema on top as it comes off the machine. Its just about worth the trip in itself. Oh … and for the girls … Italian men are right up there in a “9 out of 10 are seriously attractive” situation. La Spezia is a naval base, and just going through town yesterday morning, I lost count of the number of sailors and officers I saw that looked like they just walked out of a GQ Magazine shoot! I kid you not! And the Italian police – the Carabinieri – are not far behind. It’s like they have to pass some Dolce & Gabbana model lookalike test to get in. Makes you almost want to get into trouble! Nah not really – I dont have enough Italian words to get out again!

So its back into tourist mode and the market today, and we will see ya when it’s Giovedi – that’s Thursday.

**PS I hear that Clive Jones – the Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc wizard winemaker for Nautilus in Marlborough, New Zealand, is heading for England to show some new vintage wines, so we will definitely be catching up with him Thursday or Friday.

2 responses to “Can you believe this weather!

  1. Steve in the Wine room

    Clear and 30 degrees here this morning at HQ! Hope you neck isn’t too sore from all the looking at Sailors…and police, thinking a uniform inclination is starting! Travel safe and if not fall in the water and be rescued by the Navy and taken to the police station!

  2. Hey, even the boys at the Agip petrol stations are in uniform,………and fill your car up for you……..and clean the windows……….and smile a lot…..I could really get to like this country!

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