The Italian Job

9.35am, Sunday 13th November, Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport, West of London

Morning folks – off on some r & r family business for a few days, in the Italian province of Liguria – famous for inventing pesto and The Leaning Tower of Pisa – amongst other things.

But just gettting here was an experience. Down to the London Bridge Tube station, expecting to head into Green Park and take the Picadilly line all the way out to Heathrow. No. The station is closed. OK quick plan B – grab a cab to Holborn station which is a bit further back up the Picadilly line, as everything downstream towards Heathrow is closed off access wise because of today’s Rememberance Day events. OK no worries, onto the Heathrow tube train. No, something’s not right as they announce it’s only going as far as Acton Town, which is about half way. Last minute engineering works. So it’s off the train at Acton Town and on to a coach for the scenic trip on out to Heathrow. By now my radar bells are ringing, because if things start this way, they usually continue. Yep – turns out I’ve left the painkillers for the knee and the antibiotics for chest infections somewhere. I must be getting tired. Well, with any luck the mild weather will hold and the knee will hang together, and this time next week I’ll be at the same airport, differrent terminal, about to board for Kuala Lumpur for the milk run home to the Barossa.

I’ll see ya when I’m in Italy then. I’ll be the one with the Italian phrase book in my back pocket.

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