On the Buses! The London buses!

9.54am, Bus 40 to Aldgate, Rood Lane, London, England

Folks, the traffic in London this morning can really only be described as ‘stationary ‘. Even the cab drivers are at their wits end with the constant diversions – sometimes twice in the same road on the same day. The bus driver has announced we’re stuck here for a while, so lucky I have the London A-Z street directory with me, and lucky for some reason that The Cloud Wi Fi thingy is in the bus!

It’s just mental folks. Replacing Victorian era waterworks, putting up new buildings, re surfacing roads, and it seems to be currently scheduled using the “24 hour mayhem” method! They have the new Lord Mayor of London Parade this Saturday – hope they get that route clear by midnight Friday night!

This is just the fun and games involved in getting from A to B in London right now. See, I need to get to The Chinese Cricket Club to do a tasting with a wine jour no, and it’s right next to Blackfriars Tube (underground) station, only that’s been closed until late 2011 for essential maintenance. Then there’s the option of using the over ground rail from London Bridge – where I’m staying – but that involves a change at Cannon Street – which is a hike – not good with a knee replacement. So the best option is the 40 bus to Aldgate Station, then change to the 100 bus, which stops right on New Bridge Street at Blackfriars – where The Chinese Cricket Club is. Good thing I left enough time to allow for the traffic!

I love the London buses, but I really feel for the drivers. They’ve got the longest fuses in town with what they have to work through – all day every day. Thanks from this one happy bus fan.

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