More London bus and Leonardo Da Vinci stuff

11.49am, Thursday 10th November, Caffe Nero, Trafalgar Square, Central London, England

We got back into London late last night – well after midnight actually – from our tasting with Noel Young’s wine group out at Trumpington – that’s near Cambridge folks. So because I had the morning off, I thought I’d duck into the city – do a few chores and maybe have a look at the whiz bang Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition that opened at The National Gallery yesterday. Have a look at the queue of folks who got themselves organized with an advance purchase timed ticket! Good idea Ferrari, but no chance!


So Plan B – grab a coffee. I’ve turned into a Caffe Nero gal, and look what was parked outside the nearest shop – one of the last old Routemaster London buses. Some of the folks at the tasting last night who have been following my blog reckon I have a bit of an unhealthy interest in public transit. When it comes to the London buses – guilty! It might go back to when I was a kid, and I used to watch that fab old UK TV show “On The Buses” with Stan, Blakey, Olive and the gang. At the Brick Lane Market a couple of Sundays ago, I even bought some old Routemaster black and white bus photos – on the road in York and Swansea – watch out for those to appear in a frame on my wall at home sometime in December! I like the old metal monsters, and I might just go for a ride to Kensington and back for fun – before they get retired to the depot forever.

See ya later on when we’re doing a top wine line for the customers of Planet of the Grapes here in the city.



2 responses to “More London bus and Leonardo Da Vinci stuff

  1. Great to see you Jane, we had great feedback, people loved your tasting and whilst not quite pallet sales we took some good orders. Look forward to catching up with you in the Barossa in a few weeks. Cheers Noel

  2. thanks Noel, nice to be there with sch a good crowd. And we’ll see ya in the not too distant when you’re in the BV – and I will put one of my lasagnas together for you boys because I know Binder will be there with his ears pinned back!

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