Today I went to Peckham and tried … eel!

1.41pm, Tuesday 8th November, London Bridge, London, England

It’s seriously grey, drizzly and cold out there today – so exactly what you’d expect in London at this time of the year. Makes you realize just how lucky we’ve been with the clear blue sky weather on this trip up to now. With the weather like this, and having the morning off, I thought I’d ride the bus and see where I ended up. From London Bridge, I’ve gone to Walthamstow and Brixton on the buses so far, and today I chose the 381 to Peckham. It dropped me off almost in front of the Pie & Eel shop.


So after seeing jellied cold eel on a street stall in Milwall and not being able to go near it, I thought today that I’d get on with it and try what is supposed to be a special English food moment – the steamed hot eel. Have a look at this. I gave it a go, but honestly it just makes me shudder. I found a whole juniper berry so that’s the slightly spicy tang that it had, but it’s just not my thing. I’d sooner leave the slimy things to live happily in the mud at the bottom of the pond! But at least I’ve tried. And the girls at the shop did say I should have had the parsley sauce with it. No – thanks all the same. For fishy things I’m sticking with the battered cod or haddock!


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