Glasgow – Gaelic for ‘thick fog all day’

4.35pm, Monday 7th November, Gate 19, Glasgow Airport, Scotland

OK folks, I’ve made it through Scottish airport security – the only ones that make the body search kind of edgy – not in a nice way! And they want to see behind your knee bandage and brace as well. Not a lot of contraband’s going to fit in there, I can tell you! But there’s no guarantee that we’re going to fly down to London. The fog has got thicker and thicker all day, so hopefully British Airways has all the new auto land and take off radar, otherwise I might be sleeping here. Pity we left Islay really, as the other flights in and out of the island today were cancelled after mine. If you’re going to get stranded, an island with seven more Single Malt distilleries to explore is really where you want to be!


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