Goodbye York

2.12pm, still Friday 4th November, Newgate Market, York, England, UK

Well folks, we’re out of York in about an hour – so I tried to get across to Betty’s Tea Rooms for the seven tier afternoon tea catastrophe of cream cakes, but as you can see from the photo. – the line is a mile long. So I bought a traditional Xmas pudding present for the Hervey clan at Fishermans Retreat – our next stop this evening – and wandered back through Newgate Market.


Now they do pork pies as an edible art form up this way folks, so I was talked into having a go – but watch out, the locals eat them cold, as they like the ‘jelly’ that the meat is cooked in – to be solid! I’m a bit dubious about the whole cold pie thing, but when in York…..


Now to be honest, this one – which is called “The No Nonsense Gloucester Old Spot “from The Posh Pork Pie Company stall in the Newgate Market was pretty damn good. But….I think it would work a whole lot better hot, and it doesn’t even need sauce, mustard or Hendersons Relish! Glad I tried it once, but I’m sticking with hot pies thanks – all respect to the Yorkshire pork pie aficionados.

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