Popping up this Sunday in Angaston, Barossa Valley

7.37am, Thursday 3rd November, Tower Street, York, England, UK

Meanwhile, back in the Barossa folks, this weekend – Sunday 5th November – there will be the first Breakfast Rave PopUp Cafe happening – on the platform of the old Angaston Train Station. All sorts of good local brekky things will be happening – Barossa Coffee Roasters will have their machine mobile, and one of the local chefs calling himself The Larder will be doing tea, organic baked beans& roasted tomatoes in a massive paella pan, with home made sourdough. There will also be gluten free baked things, just squeezed lemonade, and fairtrade t shirts. The idea is to ‘pop up’ with breakfast once a month at various locations around The Barossa, so if you’re floating around the Valley Sunday – please drop by the Angaston Railway Station from 8am – 12 noon and support your local food folk.


2 responses to “Popping up this Sunday in Angaston, Barossa Valley

  1. love that idea – brekkie at the old railway station….. used to be my old stomping ground… playing on the train tracks in the 60’s

    • Good girl – say hello to everyone for me. I live near the old train station, and it’s magic to see her kept in really good nick. With any luck, Doc Gransbury might make an appearance as the old Angaston policeman – he’s been instrumental in keeping the Angaston Historical society really active.

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