Schooooooooool’s out! For…EVER!


9.19pm, Friday 28th October, back at London Bridge, London, England, UK

Got back into London, folks, and read my favorite London book – “Time Out” – cover to cover. Thrilled to bits to find that the touring Alice “Welcome to my Nightmare” Cooper has got himself involved in the BFI London Film Festival. How? He hosted a session on his lifelong love affair with horror/slash/thriller/schlock movies, as well as using some film clips that gave a bit of an insight into where the character Alice came from. Then a really long question and answer moment where he just kept talking … well done the film festival for this event … what a great storyteller. He was going to follow with a second session introducing the screening of the original Halloween movie, but I had to pull the pin as we have a big job at Vinopolis tomorrow as part of The Wine Gang Xmas Fair.

But he is doing a special Fright Night concert tomorrow night here in London, so we may get along and try and recapture our youth. Who hasn’t sung “schooooooool’s out foooor EVA!” along with Alice on the car radio at some stage of the game?

One response to “Schooooooooool’s out! For…EVER!

  1. Are you sure, sure he hasn’t had any work done? Great fun yesterday at Vinopolis!

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