Big second day out and about around Tartan Town

9.36pm, Tuesday 25th October, The Haymarket, Edinburgh, Scotland

Just walked through the door folks after a magic masterclass in the cellar at Whigham’s Wine Bar in the centre of town. We showed : 2009 Y Riesling – a very pleasant snappy citrus surprise for folks expecting something in the traditionally semi sweet German style. This is where I used my first geological term for the evening – ‘igneous extrusion’ or volcanic pimple that didn’t burst – to describe the rock range with very shallow topsoil of Eden Valley, where a lot of the fruit for Y Riesling comes from.
: 2009 Eden Valley Viognier – an introduction to this variety for most folks, and something that will go really well with the icon Scottish home cooked seafood dish of ‘Creamy Cullen Skink with flakes of smoked haddock and chunky Border’s potato’ **skink is a skinny fish not unlike garfish
: 2009 Bush vine Grenache – is a house favourite at Whigham’s , and again was something new for most of our tasters. It did do a top job with the mini ‘moneybag’ deep fried haggis canapés.


: 2007 The Cigar Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon – this was where I used my second impressive geological term of the evening ‘paleo shoreline’. This was to describe the limestone ridge that Coonawarra the winegrowing region sits on, created by 300 years of being the beach in ancient times whereas now the coastline is about 60 km further out.
***Why do I mention running out these geological terms? Because besides explaining why these wine growing regions are so unique and the contribution that the soils make, it turns out that I have a table of geologists and engineers from Cairn Energy along, and it turns out that the Head Geologist endorses my explanations!! Yay, I can do dirt talk!!

With The Cigar, it’s in fine form, and the 2007 is moving really nicely with cassis dominating the nose and the palate softened out but long. Here’s a happy table of Cairn Energy professionals – new fans of The Cigar.


: The Museum Muscat was the big finisher offerer for our masterclass, and was a raisin, honey maple syrup, dried apricot & fig, burnt sugar toffee, clean cool spirit driven roller coaster that was screaming for either a cream brûlée or sticky date pudding to take it out to dinner! It’s special, and showed up to play!

So a big thanks to Neil – our Sales Manager at Wine Importers – for doing the pouring tonight, Whigham’s for pouring the Bush Vine Grenache every night, and to the folks who came along on a school night to see just a bit of what we’re up to at Yalumba. See you all next trip.

Oh, and before I forget. What did I do today? I went out and about with Charlie from Wine Importers. Where? To see Alistair at Dollar (Clackmannanshire) and to see Sue & Simon at Harrisons Fine Wines in Crieff (Perthshire).


Harrisons – that’s Charlie and Simon Out front

And just in case you’ve never been out this way, it’s ruggedly special This is Loch Earn this afternoon.


One response to “Big second day out and about around Tartan Town

  1. Jane, Jane, Jane – this is the second time you have been less than 10 miles from my Mam’s house in the Land of Kings. Tom and Pat will be disappointed.

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