Musical London Sunday

7.48pm, Sunday 23rd October, London Bridge, London, England, UK

I’ve just packed my room up and put the stuff I don’t need next week into storage at the hotel, and about to try for an early night. It’s off to Scotland tomorrow morning early, with jobs in both Edinburgh and Glasgow – with our new distributors Wine Importers.

But before I sign out of jolly old England for a while, have a look at what I saw this afternoon as I wandered around Soho – one of my favorite bits of London central. First up, this little van came around the corner pushing out a massive plume of bubbles, and then when it pulled up, it’s PA system fired up with a Glen Campbell backing track, and the driver sang ‘Wichita Lineman’ right there in the street, still in the front seat. (How did I know exactly what that song was? Because I’m a tragic country music fan) Apparently this bloke is known around London as The Singing Handyman, and he advertises a “we do any job, nothing too big or too small, anywhere, anytime” service – and is a bit of a Soho regular. I loved it. See – this sort of thing just doesn’t happen in the main street at home in Angaston?


Second, as I cut back through Picadilly down to Trafalgar Square, I came across this tiny corner pub – packed to the gills – with a blues / jazz / old time brass swing – band playing in the front bar. The band turn out to be local London legends ‘The Fallen Heroes’, and the pub is their favourite residency The Blue Posts. They’re great, and sell their CDs down the back in the breaks. If you’re ever passing by on Sundays between 2and 6 pm, drop in – it’s another one of those ‘best kept London secrets’.


So next time I log in folks, it will be from Tartan Town, otherwise known as Edinburgh, one of my favorite spots to work. See ya when it’s a lot colder, and haggis is on the menu.

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