Getting more technical every day

7.58am, Monday 24th October, Gate Lounge, London City Airport, London, England, UK

Thank you very much to the folks at Credit Suisse. They’ve put the free wi fi thingy into the whole airport and how superb is my I Pad – it’s tuned into the wi fi automatically, and we are connected to the rest of the world! I wish the machine could tune in and lock onto eligible bachelors the same way! I’d be set like jelly!

I should also put in a big thanks to the Pret A Manger operation, they’re keeping me on the road in pretty good shape with their yogurt & granola or Birchers muesli pot breakfasts, their miso soup, and Thai chicken curry – and thats where I started this morning at 6.05am. Next stop Edinburgh, and today I’m working with Graeme from Wine Importers, so see ya when it’s Scotland.


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