The Wine Shop at Harrods – Knightsbridge!!

12.58pm, Friday 21st October, London Bridge, London, England, UK

Just back very late last night from jobs down in Cornwall, and I want to catch up what we did this weekend before heading into the city this afternoon to buy a new card for the camera – it’s full already – and work my way around London’s public transit system to Clapham Junction to catch up with a wine jour no.

Let’s start with what is pretty much the best known “shop” in the world – Harrods. As son as you say the word, you immediately get that olive cross British racing green colour in mind, with that gold Harrods signature across it. And if you’ve been lucky enough to be in London and visit the store itself after dark, it’s that fairy light building outline that stays with you. Literally like it’s own Xmas ornament.

And in the Wine Store, we’re pleased to say that we have had several of our wines on the shelves at this great Knightsbridge address for some considerable time. As we went in the other day to do some staff training sessions, I walked past their Enomatic machine. This is an excellent invention where bottles of wine are kept under constant nitrogen gas pressure to retain the integrity of what’s inside each of them – and you can buy a card that allows you access to measured ‘ tastes’ of whichever wine you like. This is usually used to exhibit really rare wines that are very small volume, or are often out of my price range, so I’m always interested to see what’s on for tasting. I was thrilled to bits to see our top Cabernet Shiraz blend – the 2004 Yalumba The Reserve. Seeing as It is a barrel selection of Cabernet and Shiraz destined for The Signature, and only in a great vintage year, we generally only make about 10 hogsheads (barrel size = 60 gallons approx)at 300 liters to the hogsheads – then that’s only 3400 bottles. With half staying in Australia, that’s 1700 bottles for the rest of the world, and I know for sure that 11 of them are on the shelves at Harrods Wine Shop! With one in the Enomatic. Check out the photos folks, next to a whole set of great European dry reds, there’s us, 1st bottle on the far left.

What an excellent start to the Tuesdays jobs this week. And if you’re over that side of London, you would need to go a very long way to find a more knowledgable team on the floor. The questions I had in the staff training sessions were a workout! Just lucky I spent so much time in the vineyards and cellar this 2011 vintage!

Thanks to Amanda, Eva, Jean Christophe (worth going to the Harrods wine shop just to meet him girls – trust me!) and all the team at Harrods Wine Store – it’s lovely to be there.


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