Breakfast at Borough Market

9.27am, Friday 21st October, Borough Market, SE1,London, England

Couldn’t help myself, and wandered over the road to Borough Market for breakfast this morning. You need to check out Roast on the Go, which is the little downstairs pint size grill counter that belongs to the Roast Restaurant up in the mezzanine of the Market itself. You can generally expect a queue of folks at breakfast time, especially all the workmen involved in the massive Shard building right next door. Why?? Because the Lorne sausage baps (bap = local English for ‘breakfast bread roll stuffed with’ bacon and/or sausage and/or egg), the bacon baps, and everything else off the grill tastes so good. Remember the 1970s dinner parties in Australia? – the top canapé was called an Angel on Horseback, and was a big fat prune wrapped in cooked bacon, then baked in the oven. Here at Roast on the Go, they’re skewered in threes and called Devils On Horseback, and at 1.80 (haven’t got the pounds sign on my computer folks) they’re a good healthy no bread option.

Well, thats what I told myself anyway!


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