Theatre Update – London’s West End

8.40pm, Monday 17th October, London Bridge, London, England

Just a quick one for you, folks, forgot to mention that I gave myself a treat Saturday night and bought one of those last-minute theatre tickets for a show that’s literally just opened last week at the Harold Pinter Theatre – “Death And The Maiden” by Ariel Dorfman. It turned out to be pretty heavy stuff – the dilemma of a political prisoner who, when circumstances offer her the opportunity to do to her captor exactly what was done to her, … does she? I went because it had two of the three actors in the show that I’d seen in movies and on the telly. The boys I knew – Anthony Calf (I liked him in the two excellent TV shows Judge John Deed and New Tricks) and Tom Goodman Hill, whom I saw in Spooks – top spy stuff. The lass, Thandie Newton, I didn’t recognize, but turns out I’d seen her in Mission Impossible II – with my absolute favorite Richard Roxburgh. Turns out she’s actually a bit of a star and was in the movies Rocknrolla and Crash as well, and this is her stage debut. We wandered around to the stage door to get our programs signed, and there was a stack of blokes with lots of glossy 8×10 photos of Thandie from various flicks, and she was incredibly graceful – signed the lot and had pictures taken with anyone who asked. Nice stuff in an age of reality star divas!


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