Sports update from Royal Ascot racecourse, England

11.15am, Sunday 16th October, still same place same time, London Bridge, London

This is for the folks with an interest in the sport of kings – horse racing. Yesterday at the Royal Ascot racecourse in the leafy green county of Berkshire just outside London, there was something a bit special that happened. A 3 year old colt called ‘Frankel’ won his 9th race from his 9th start in the top notch Queen Elizabeth II Stakes. 100% winning performance. And who is his dad?? A stallion called Galileo. Where does he live? At the amazing Coolmore Stud near Cork in Ireland. And this is him folks, the George Clooney of stallions, who we were lucky enough to meet after our Ballymaloe event a couple of weeks ago. He walked out, stretched his neck out an said “don’t I look good”. No wonder he’s turned out to be such a top sire. The mares will be lined up to meet him this breeding season no doubt! And now that we’ve met him, we’ll be taking a lot more interest in the offspring. And from the new boy on the breeding block that we met as well – Pour Moi – not the prettiest head, but a massive chest and shoulders. I’ll keep you up to speed when those babies make it to the racetrack in a couple of years.

And now it’s out into this second magic sunlit day of the London weekend. What’s on the agenda today? Off to York Hall in the East End of London – Bethnal Green – to the roller derby. Truly international stuff as The London Rockin Rollers v Stuttgart’s Valley Roller Girls. There’s even the rockabilly band The Screamin Sugar Skulls playing at half time. Doesn’t get much better than that. Now I just have to work out all the buses I have to catch to get out there!

See ya when it’s later on and I’ll catch up on our night at Goring-on a-Thames.


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