Sun drenched London?


3.50pm, Friday 14th October, London Bridge, London, England

What a lovely day. It’s just warm enough to push your jersey sleeves up, but for the locals it’s like another summer day in the nation’s capital. Here’s what the view of Tower Bridge looks like this afternoon from London Bridge. That’s the museum ship the HMS Belfast in the front, and there’s an interesting exhibition just opened that I’m thinking about going to check out. It’s made up of salvaged objects from the bed of the Thames underneath the ship – going back to medeival times. I’ll let you know what they found if I actually make it.

So in half an hour I’ll be off to Waterloo station and out to Guildford for the last job of the week – with the long time Yalumba fans Taurus Wines.Apparently there’s 80 people for dinner tonight, so hopefully it’s not a repeat of last year, when a freak storm had us racing the tables, BBQ, wines and food into the nearby barn!! If that day out there is any guide, we should be in for a special evening.

See ya tomorrow when it’s the weekend and I’ll catch up dinner at Emsworth, Goring On Thames, and tonight with Taurus.



2 responses to “Sun drenched London?

  1. Oh to have your job….. (wished I was just half as knowledgable as you !) and not just on wine… hopeing to catch upwith you at Vinnopolis on the 21st Oct (my birthday!!) since my buddy (Daphnea) works there…. will have to keep my fingers crossed….. keep on blogging … I lurve reading it xxx

    Mari Gagg

  2. It was a lovely day wasn’t it?

    If you have time while you’re in London give me call and we’ll go to Hot Stuff in SW8 for the finest Indian/Kenyan cuisine on the planet.

    Stuart George

    Writer and consultant

    +44 (0)7738 582356

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