See ya when it’s summertime, Portsmouth!

10.36am, Thursday 13th October, On the train between Havant and Paddington l
London, Hampshire, England

Just a quick catch up folks, as I wanted to give you the inside tip on breakfast next time you happen to be in Portsmouth. David and Karen, who have the Abar Bistro, have also rescued this unique spot down the road called The Tenth Hole Tea Rooms, and they have turned breakfast and morning tea into an art form. Why is it called The Tenth Hole? Because it’s part of a 9 hole pitch and putt golf course right on the beach along from Old Portsmouth harbor, and 25 years ago, the gals from the Southsea Golf Links Ladies Club asked ‘what about we put on a cup of tea and some cake after the golf’. And the tea rooms came to be.

They’ve had a bit of a chequered past, but all is now great, and the whole thing opens at 6am – with a lineup for both the golf and the brekky during the summer. Here’s my serious wine savvy colleague Emma doing her golf bit on the 9th hole – that’s the Tenth Hole Tea Rooms behind.


Here’s my ham and egg breakfast plate, and no – didn’t make it through this one either! Oh and guess what, seeing as the English summer is often not that warm, here’s the rugs that they lend you if you want to sit at an outside table – and there’s hot water bottles as well! I kid you not!



Thanks Dave – you’re up there with the best, and we’re not sure how we resisted the ‘Tofee Lumpy Bumpy’ cake! Always need a reason to come back. see ya when it’s June 2012 and summertime!

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