English brekky fry up alive and well!

10.17am, Sunday 9th October, Southwark Park Road, Rotherhithe SE16, London, England

Found the cafe I was looking for folks.I just went one stop east on the tube from where we’re staying at London Bridge…..to Bermondsey…..and followed my nose. It turns out to be Millwall Football Club country, and lucky for me, it’s not natch day, so I’m able to get a seat in the very local Pop Inn Cafe. It looks like it’s just had a face lift and paint job outside, but the inside is genuine “caff” stuff. I like the yellow fiberglass ‘made to fit your bottom’ permanent mount seats at the booth benches the best. So comfortable.

I chose the English breakfast option of Egg+bacon+sausage+beans+bubble. What’s the difference? Irish is the the same combo but no sausage, and with both black and white pudding pieces and fry bread.Scottish is egg+scotch sausage(crumbed)+beans+black pudding+hash browns+potato scone. I had no idea that there were such clear cut country of origin differences in the way that breakfast is put together over here! Always learning! Speaking of which – ‘bubble’ is the creamed potato mash with spinach through it, quick fried like a pancake, and it’s hiding under the fried egg.

So folks, 4.50 got me this English breakfast and a mug of coffee. Can’t complain about the value.And the company? All locals, nice folks to chat to, and with that unique “souf of da rivva” accent. That’s south of the river Thames folks.

Walking back to the tube station, I found out that this area was a bustling hive of biscuit making activity years ago, as the Peak Frean factory used to be right here, behind the railway bridge. This is what it looks like now. You can’t take two steps in London without something finding something of historical interest!




One response to “English brekky fry up alive and well!

  1. Steve in the Wine room

    Breakfast looks..ummm… filling! I too have found the joys of a huge breaky on weekends, and roast potatoes, not something I would have normally added for breakfast are oh so goood!!

    Travel safe

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