Go the Irish!

12.18am, Saturday 8th October , London Bridge, London England

Just got in from The Cinnamon Club dinner where we won a stack of new hearts and palates for the good ship Yalumba, and caught up with a few old friends as well, which was a pleasant surprise. But more detail tomorrow – with photos!

For now, it’s all about the Quarter Finals in World Cup Rugby. In the land Of The Long White Cloud, it’s about lunch time, and in about 6 hours, the Irish play off against the Welsh. Now you know I have a soft spot for the Green Machine and Ronan O Gara in particular, so for all my mates on the Emerald Isle with their alarms set for 6 am – I’m with ya! Here we go!


2 responses to “Go the Irish!

  1. Had such a brilliant evening, so enjoyed yr tales, and info and wanted u on our table ALL night. You are such a fab attribute to yr company they are lucky to have you doing a brilliant job for them, and I’m still confused as to why yr single…. though if u grab what comes yr way soon with both hands I don’t think you’ll be staying that way…. go girl u rock xxxxx

    • Thanks Mari-Jane, if I was just a bit quicker on the uptake when it comes to boys and their compliments, it might be a different story! But I live in hope, and you never know who I might meet at the next job, on the next plane ride, or swisher up against on the next trip on The Tube! Thanks for coming along to the Cinnamon Club, hope you enjoy the bottle of Strapper when it arrives, and all the best for the new arrival due soon.

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