That’s not a halibut, thats a Monkfish!

11.19am, Friday 7th October, Monmouth Coffee, Borough Market SE1,London, England

Bit of a late morning folks, as the 21st birthday of the English office went fairly late. Here’s our mates from ‘down south’ – Portsmouth and Newquay – checking to make sure that the Jansz sparkling is still up to scratch. Yes! Is the easy answer!! And here’s Christophe and Jade from the Australian Wine Board here in London – constantly waving the Australian Wine Industry flag over here in the United Kingdom. Thanks very much for everything…….on behalf of everyone back home.

So once our folks from ‘up north’ surfaced, we went over to Monmouth Coffee, the benchmark caffeine shot in London just on the edge of Borough Market for their communal fresh bread, jam and marmalade brekky. Now we’re set for the day.

I went for a bit of a wander through the market on the way back to the hotel, and popped in to the fishmongers to see what was the feature of their legendary stall – literally a finny, scaly, tentacle wrapped, clawed creatures seafood stacked work of art that they do on a daily basis! Today folks, it’s the massive mouthed Monkfish – native of the really deep cold North Atlantic water.

And today’s fruit that I haven’t seen before is the Flat Peach. I’ll let you know how it tastes as I bought 2 to ripen up a bit.

Oh, and for those folks who wanted to see what the Sarah Palin lookalike power twin set was all about – here it is, fresh from the dry cleaners – ready to go out tonight and entertain and inform at The Cinnamon Club Yalumba Wine Dinner with their sommelier Laurent Chaniac .

So Happy 21st Birthday Negociants UK, and well see ya when it’s the weekend!!








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