Remember “Four Weddings And A Funeral” folks??

8.05am, Wednesday 5th October, London Bridge, London, England

Tomorrow will be one of the biggest days we’ve had in London seeing as it will be celebrating the 21st birthday of our office right here at the crossroads of the wine world. So before I get an early night in preparation for what could be an extremely late one tomorrow night, I just want to share another one of my “just got into London town” traditions. Years ago I did one of those self guided Kray Brothers tours of London’s East End, and stumbled across one of the truly lovely family owned ‘caffs’ – E. Pellicci. Here it is, on Bethnal Green Road, still in the same family hands 105 odd years down the track, with young Nev looking after the place. I got there yesterday morning just after 7am, and took one of the tables outside so I could watch all the bustle and banter that goes with the daily routine of setting up the street long strip of outdoor stalls. You know your in the right place for breakfast when the cabs and trucks are all double parked for as long as it takes to load up on whatever combination of eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, beans and toast takes your fancy.

We’re back on a roll with the good fortune this last couple of days, after that rubbish first evening on the tube, and how did we know?? We got a sign at Pelicci’s when the plate of toast came out – check it out – if that’s not a map of Australia, then I’ll go he for chasey!

And then, armed with directions to find our first job last night, I got lost as you often do in this town, and by happy accident found this beautiful old church buried in some back alleys, still with the small graveyard shaded by a mammoth 70 foot tall chestnut tree. And guess what?? It turns out to be St Bartholomew -The Less, which is the church where they filmed the last wedding in the Hugh Grant floppy haired classic “four Weddings & A Funeral”!!How lucky was that. The photo shows the ‘back door’ as the place is closed for filming at the moment, but the security guards didn’t seem to be concerned about me poking about at all.

More detail about the job when I write it up in the morning – for now I’ll leave you with the old and new of the London icon black cabs.

See ya when we’re 21 years in town…….





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