Goodbye Ireland … For now

8.48am, Sunday 2nd October, Brooks Hotel, Drury Street, Dublin, Ireland

They’ve just kicked off in the World Cup Rugby game that, with a win or draw against the Italians, would see the Irish take the pool and go on with a great run toward the semi finals. The whole town will be glued to their TV screens right now.

And I’m packed and heading for England. Big blue the faithful suitcase – as you can see in the photo – is being held together by gaff tape, and this could be his last overseas trip. The other parcel is the set of crutches that the Brooks Hotel gave me last year when I ripped my knee apart. So now that I’m back on two legs, I’ve bought them home.

OK it’s 3 points all, and O’ Driscoll nearly scored in the corner. And the boys laughed at me yesterday when I put 5 euros on Brian O’D to score first try! At 14 to 1 mind you!

And I have Ronan O Gara for man of the match. So Go Irish. Thanks to all at our distributor house Cassidys for a great week on the ground here – and especially to all those folks in the trade who support us from Galway to Dublin to Cork and back – thanks.

And finally, to all those folks who actually buy our wine and come along to the events, “tanks a million” as they say over here, and with any luck well see you all again next year – maybe in July.



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