Top time at Ballymaloe House & Cooking School

5.03pm, Friday 30th September, Drury Street, Dublin central, Ireland

Just got back from down near Cork, folks, where we did a tasting with the Allen Family and their tribe of cooks, gardeners and bottlewashers at Ballymaloe House & Cooking School, which is an internationally recognized operation dedicated to not only preserving Irish food and cooking traditions, but also through their residential courses, teaching all things produce, cooking, food and wine. I will elaborate tomorrow when I write up our whole week before being let loose on the streets of Dublin to be a tourist !

I have an hour or so before I have to head for the last event on our Irish tour – the tasting and dinner with the boys from The Corkscrew wine merchants and 70 die-hard Yalumba fans at Olivier’s at The Schoolhouse restaurant here in Dublin city.

So I will leave you with one of the legends of Ballymaloe, Aunty Florence, who just whipped this fluffy sponge cake up in a flash for afternoon tea with the neighbours. She was back for the tasting last night though, very chirpy because she scored the top seat in the house as far as I was concerned – between two lovely young Irish blokes (the teacher and the barrister, they know who I’m talking about here!) enrolled in the current 12-week residential Ballymaloe Cookery School course.

See ya when it’s the weekend!

PS Good luck to the Geelong Cats in the Australian Rules football final being played tomorrow at home in Australia – I couldn’t bear to see the Collingwood Magpies get up again this year! I know my Melbourne boys Kel and Bish will be there supporting their beloved Cats, so best of luck to you, hope it goes your way.



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    • And thanks a heap to you Ballymaloe, what a tremendous first meeting between two such food and wine interested operations, even though we’re 16000 km apart. To have everyone of the 62 people in the current cooking school class want to come along to our first tasting with you – was fantastic. Thanks again Colm for giving us the opportunity to visit, now the pressure is on to make sure we put on just as good a snapshot of the Yalumba & Barossa wine world.See ya in July 2012 when it’s your summertime.

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