Spent last night in the Hole in the Wall!

7.38am, Thursday 29th September, Drury Street, Dublin central, Ireland

The heatwave in Dublin continues, folks! Yesterday it got to 20 degrees and it looks like the same thing will happen again. The Dubliners have taken the sun cream out of the storage boxes, put on the shorts and sun dresses and are soaking up the rays.

I’m finding it difficult to find half an hour to sit at this machine and write up the fab events that we’ve been up to this last week, so bear with me, it will happen eventually! I’m getting picked up in an hour for the drive down to Cork, where we will be doing a wine tutorial, cookery class and dinner with the Ballymaloe House family. Get ready for some serious foodie photography whilst I’m down there!

And speaking of food pics, wait till you see the ‘Before – with scales’ and ‘After – on the plate’ shots of an 11kg deepwater halibut from Pasta Vino – our Tuesday night date. By the way gals, I think I have found quite possibly the most attractive “Blokes who can cook mighty well” in Ireland at Pasta Vino – in the seaside town of Greystones south of Dublin if you’re looking for a nice place to have lunch or dinner soon! Some days you really have to love your job! More details to follow, I promise.

Also much more to come on one of the best kept secrets in Dublin – the “Recession Buster Wine Nights” at The Hole in the Wall pub alongside Phoenix Park. Here’s the pub, and ‘the hole’ that folks used to slip through in the Park wall to get to the pub in the olden days.

See ya when we’re in Cork.



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