And now from Gaillimh!

7.57am, Park House Hotel, Forster Street, Eyre Square, Galway, Ireland

I’m about to get picked up for the drive back to Dublin, after a top tasting at the Blue Room here in our number one hotel Yalumba fortress in the city of Gaillimh, or Galway to those of us who don’t speak fluent Gaelic. And the Galway coat of arms? The galleon in full flight because of the relationship between this part of the Irish coast and the Spanish Armada. But that’s another story! I just wanted to check in and let you know all was well, and I’ll catch you up on what we’ve been up to when I get back to Dublin. Here though, is a quick look at the authentic Irish pub where local musicians play every evening in an old, low sagging ceiling, single room bar, still nicotine-stained from the old days when smoking inside was the done thing – especially considering that’s it’s usually raining and cold in these parts. It’s the An Pucan – don’t miss it for the real thing if you’re in Galway.


2 responses to “And now from Gaillimh!

  1. Hi Jane – i really enjoyed your wine tasting class last night and also all your wonderful stories – you will never be short of a job – you can always write some short or even long stories!! best of luck in your travels and i hope you get to meet Ronan OGara – go Ireland. regards, mary gleeson

    • Thanks Mary – I’m a bit behind with my correspondence, but pleased to know you enjoyed the Ballymaloe tasting.And sorry that Ireland didn’t go all the way, but every one of those boys will be local legends for beating Australia, and with any luck RO’G and BO’D will play another season, and all will be well with the Irish Rugby World.Good luck with the cooking course, and we’ll see you in July 2012 for the second Yalumba visit to Cork.

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